An online network of key European stakeholders for enhancing research on social, societal and governance aspects linked to nuclear technology

The PLATENSO Virtual Information Centre (VIC) is designed to facilitate and improve research cooperation in social, societal and governance aspects of nuclear technology in Central and Eastern European countries, improving their participation in Euratom Framework Programme projects in the future.

VIC opens up broader research approaches in organisations in New Member States, building new networks for research to support societal decision making processes related to nuclear energy development, going beyond research focused mainly on technical factors to consider social, societal, political, economic and ethical aspects related to nuclear matters. VIC is an online space to bring the capabilities, knowledge and expertise together from diverse groups across geographical and organisational boundaries in New Member States in order to facilitate quick access to information and research collaboration. Organisations in Old Member States with significant experience in Euratom programmes will help and guide New Member States organisations and therefore, they can also become part of the VIC network by applying to become members.

Any researcher in an organisation in Europe who is involved or interested in cooperation to undertake projects on social and societal aspects related to nuclear fission technologies can register to the VIC. VIC also welcomes different stakeholders beyond the research and academic community who may have an interest in this type of research.

The mission of VIC is to identify opportunities and needs for enhancing societal research in Central and Eastern European Countries related to nuclear energy.  It is an output of PLATENSO, a project funded by the 7th EURATOM Research and Training Programme on Nuclear Energy of the European Commission that aims to provide a proposal for a European Platform for Socio-economic matters linked to nuclear technology and develop recommendations for research strategies in EU New Member States.

Kjell Andersson, PLATENSO coordinator

Meritxell Martell, VIC Manager

Meritxell Martell, VIC Manager

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